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Jerome G. Duplessis
Artist | Professional | Photography
french photographer & bondage rigger who created the Captive Culture website ... more than 15 years of fetish pictures available for members.
What do you think about Captive Culture ? I hope you like the pictures ... but do you know all this work has been made by one guy like you ? I did my first photo session 13 years ago without any experience. I was nothing more than a bondage lover who wanted to share his passion on the internet. Of course, everything was different : slow connections, old school websites & no social networks. We were seeking pictures in the newsgroups and the digital revolution just started. I brought my first camera & tried to learn how to use it.No need to say the beginning has been complicated, even more to find some models. Most of these women discovered latex clothes watching The Matrix movie ... you can imagine their feeling about bondage & domination ! Anyway, I got the chance to meet some girls who accepted to explore the world of BDSM in front of my lens. That's how I started to shoot my own fetish pictures without knowing this adventure would be so long.

During all these years, I worked hard to do more photo series & movies. Some people think Captive Culture is something big ... that's wrong. I still work at home, even for shooting. Doing everything alone isn't easy but it gives a unique feeling : my website is like a baby for me, spending hours on image editing or updates. Like some others photographers who started in the early years of the world wide web, I am proud to know my productions helped some people to feel more comfortable with their desires. If my spirit is still the same, the world of internet changed a lot. After that good old time, the industry of porn killed lot of websites created by passionate people like me. We were unable to fight against this army of bots using an agressive maketing method to make more money ... now, we can see the result : most of the BDSM productions are looking like a bad porn with a little bit of bondage & spanking inside.

Too many websites closed in the last years. Of course, the decrease of audience (social networks catched the audience) and the change of rules (which implies more work) forced lot of webmasters to stop. But the main problem is everybody wants everything for free. That's not surprising, in a society where lot of people don't buy music and movies, it's difficult to know a photographer like me needs your support. Even more when you can browse a ton of pictures in few clicks, no matter if the content is legal or not, that's free ... forget about the consequences ! Captive Culture has been created with passion and I've always tried to balance between the need of paying fees and the wish to share my art. I know most of my watchers don't care about it. They will never give one dollar to help ... that's sad because there is no other way to pay the bills. If you took the time to read all these lines, I imagine you can understand that money is needed to stay online !

So, you can support Captive Culture buying a membership ... this money is not wasted, it is required to pay the hosting fees & bandwith usage, legal taxes & billing companies, bondage gear & photo stuff. I also buy clothes and pay the travel expenses of my models. We don't speak about anything else : if you want to know everything, I stopped to pay myself three years ago. I left my job when I started Captive Culture. I lived correctly for ten years but this period is over. That's why I say "forget about it" to every people thinking the adult photography could be nice & easy. Today, I fight everyday to pay the bills in a country where taxes are insane. Unfortunately, even if my work is appreciated and well-known, there are only few people taking a membership every month. That's why I decided to write this article, just to explain your support is needed.

thank you
Jerome G. Duplessis

please visit the following page if you want to help


would you like to get some photo series for free ? I am thinking about a new way to share my work ... like or reply for feedback
I'm back on Google Books ... if you appreciate my work, you can buy one ebook : thanks for your support !…

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Thank you for sharing your muse and talent with all of us. We admire and appreciate your wondrous fine art.

May the coming year be filled with joy, health and prosperity in all your art and life endeavors.



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